The relationship we have with our patients and their families is incredibly important to everyone at Kids First Dental Group.  When someone takes the time to share positive words about an experience they had in our office, it means so much!  Here are just a few examples of kindness that make us smile each day! 

"What a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!  Chloe (3 yrs old) had previously been traumatized by a dentist in Peoria.  To the point of hyperventilating.  3 other dentists had no chance of even getting her in the chair after that.  Dr. Laurie & staff at kids first were AMAZING!  She loved it and didn't want to leave.  Thank you, soooo much."  - D. Christensen  November 2018


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Monday – Wednesday        8:00am – 4:30pm

Thursday                              8:00am – 1:00pm

Friday                                   9:00am – Noon

While there are no doctors in the office on Thursday or Friday, we do have office personnel here to make appointments, take payments or answer any questions you may have.


Saturday                               8:00am – Noon

Limited Saturdays are available

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