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Since the onset of Covid-19, Kids First Dental Group has made the safety of our patients and staff its number one priority! In doing so, we continue to maintain strict guidelines when it comes to the precautions we've put in place. 

Here is what you and your child can expect when visiting our office. 

  • When you arrive for your child's appointment, please call the office from your vehicle.

  •  Our waiting room is open; ONE parent or guardian may accompany the patient inside.  You are still required to call before entering the building. 

    • Because of the continued need to maintain social distancing, no additional people will be allowed into the building. ​

    • ​​There may be situations during which we ask you to remain in your vehicle, if this is something you're comfortable with. 

    • If you would prefer to wait in your vehicle while your child is inside, you're welcome to do so.

  • Every child will need to be wearing a mask; if they don't have one, disposable masks are available.

  • If your child has a fever or has been exposed to someone with Covid, we ask that you call our office so their appointment may be rescheduled. 

  • A dental hygienist will walk your child out at the end of the visit to review all details of their appointment. 

  • If treatment is necessary (filling, extraction, etc), the hygienist or dental assistant will go over all that information with you at the end of your child's appointment. 

  • If you've opted to remain in your vehicle during your child's appointment, one of our front desk employees will call you to discuss fee information and expected co-payments, as well as schedule your child's appointment. 

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